Shocking Video: Car Disappears Into Portal


Colfax, CA — The Beacon has obtained an exclusive video [below] of what appears to be an inter-dimensional portal on California Interstate 80 just north of Colfax, CA. The video, which was anonymously delivered to the Beacon offices yesterday 32GB USB flash drive in sealed in a plain, bubble-wrapped manila envelope, was addressed to “Beacon” from a “CalTrans friend.”

The sequence appears to be from a CalTrans closed-circuit traffic camera monitor. There was a small note included with the package which said the following.

“I have more where this came from. I am risking my life to share this with you. The transformation has begun. All is clear for the relocation. Pray.”

In the video, there appears to be normal traffic on highway 80. However, as what appears to be a minivan enters the frame, it disappears into a ball of light. The Beacon has zoomed the video to give readers a close-up look to the phenomena.

According to local video experts, the video appears to be genuine and has the markings of a standard CalTrans traffic camera common throughout the State. Below is the actual video of the vanishing car.

The Beacon reached out to the Highway Patrol for verification, and the CHP confirmed that the video was indeed from the Colfax grade, but said it had no reports of missing vehicles. They went on to say that given the number of cars in the area, it’s highly unlikely that this is real. However, you are the judge.