Brewer claims that Jefferson’s “XX” dilutes their brand

State of Jefferson Sued by Dos Equis

Brewer claims that Jefferson’s “XX” dilutes their brand.

Activists Petition to Have Broad Street Renamed

Nevada City's most famous street might be on the chopping block.

Area Homeless Publishing Pictures of Safeway Shoppers

The local homeless population is fighting back against hatred.

Roseville Launches ‘Don’t Nevada County Roseville’ Campaign

Misty Smith is Chairman for the 380+ member strong "Don't Nevada County Roseville" Citizen's Commission. which is a collection of local, pro-growth developers and property owners

Area Medicare Recipient Tired of Your ‘Socialist Bullshit’

A retired local baby boomer doesn't have any patience for your socialism.

Area Racist Accidentally Polite To Asian Waiter

During a rather routine dinner at local restaurant Asian Gardens, Terry Adkinson was accidentally polite to his Asian waiter after thoroughly enjoying what he believed to be an "authentic oriental meal" of orange chicken.

Hatred of the Government Drives Rep. LaMalfa To Seek 5th Congressional Term

Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA District 1) is seeking re-election to prove government doesn't work.

Grass Valley’s Black Lives Matter Protest Gathers Two People

An odd mix of do-gooding and incel white supremacy didn't end well for two Grass Valley men.
Santa seen here enjoying a joint in Stacy Grant's Cottage Street home in Nevada City, CA.

Nevada County Prepares for Santa by Leaving Out Weed and a 9mm Handgun

Santa seen here enjoying a joint in Stacy Grant's Cottage Street home in Nevada City, CA.

Nevada City Bans Scented Laundry Products

Nevada City, CA will be the first in the nation to ban scented laundry products.

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Former Mayor Must Attend Council Meetings in a Straitjacket

In a majority vote, the City Council of Nevada City voted to restrain the former mayor.

Bernie Sanders Returns Mike Bloomberg’s $18.53 Dollar Donation

The Sanders 2020 campaign doesn't want any money from any billionaire.

Mysterious Pile of Bricks on Broad Street Baffles Residents

Nevada City awoke this morning to find a large stack of bricks on Broad Street.
The Nevada County anti-Chemtrail group "Look Up!" celebrated the 201st Day without spraying.

Nevada County Celebrates Its Longest Consecutive Chemtrail-free day

In what activists are calling "the great relief," a spokesperson for th Nevada County-based group called Look Up! proclaimed that yesterday marked the 501st day without the scourge of overhead chemtrail spraying of our local skies.

Bilderberg Protesters Trash Sierra City

The small Sierra Nevada town that hosted the mysterious meeting of elites has a lot of cleanup.

Modern Country Music Used To Disperse Protesters

A new form of Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) was effectively deployed by local police over the weekend.
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