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Xander X. Xanthangum is a blogger/news writer whose credits include submitting questionable and unsourced articles to Gish Gallop. His background in dodgy topics include Dodge City (because it is dodgy) and Nevada City (because it is a city). Occasionally, when inspired, he will write about Grass Valley, and maybe even Auburn. A child of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s 90s, 00s, and 10s, he can be relied upon to pull really old, obscure cultural references from his head, or PIROOMA as it was termed back in the day. His dead wives include Lotta Crabtree, Lola Montez, and that lady who used to bartend at that place you used to drink. He is kinda of a hipster who knows what the cool kids are doing these days.

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Latest Articles

Area Redfish to Squat in 5G Cell Phone Tower

Taking back control from "Big Derp."

California Considers Selling Yosemite to the Chinese

Governor Gavin Newsom is considering what many are calling "the sale of the century."
Area homeless man Jimmie "The Home" Wilkonson has made himself usesful as a human parking meter. Source-ish: Brylie Oxley vis Wiki Commons.

Area Homeless Man Finds Purpose as a Parking Meter

So far the gig is working out for everyone involved. Even Nevada City is playing along thinking of "The Home's" actions as an attraction for tourists.

Thin Lizzy Fails to Energize Elderly Save Mart Shoppers

Kmart's experiment didn't turn out well either.

Former Mayors Worried That Articles Might Be About Them

For over a century, Nevada City CA's leaders have worried that their unusual and conspiratorial opinions might be the subject of public scrutiny.

Area Grandpa Requests His Dead COVID Body Be Dumped on Mill Street

An elderly man stricken with the coronavirus has requested that his dead body be dumped in front of Mill Street businesses that insist on staying open during the pandemic.