Violet Matenapolis

Born Alma Greenwalt in Modesto, California Violet Matenapolis changed her first name after leaving home at the age of 17 to make her debut in Hollywood as a dancer. She fell into journalism by accident when her first husband, newspaper mogul Victor Matenapolis, discovered her scathing review of a play she had auditioned for scribbled on the back of a grocery list and put her to work. 5 years into their marriage, Victor was tragically killed in a freak accident while cleaning the tank of their beloved python, Stella. Her finger relentlessly on the pulse of what's hot in popular culture, Ms. Matenapolis spends the majority of her time hunched in the corner of any drinking establishment that offers "signature cocktails", feverishly hunting down stories from the darker recesses of the internet.

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A photo of the unidentified child on Nevada City's Deer Creek who was apart of the baby Moses re-enactment.

Baby Moses Re-enactment Goes Horribly Wrong on Deer Creek

A photo of the unidentified child on Nevada City's Deer Creek who was apart of the baby Moses re-enactment.
Locals Skyy Wolford(Left) and “Moonash”(Right) made a big discovery near Graniteville, CA

Investigators Stumble Upon Secret Graniteville Bunker

This is where the adventure begins. The following is a edited recount of Moonash's and Mr. Wolford's unusual discovery. Residents of the usually private and esoteric Sierra Nevada foothills community didn't know about this.

A Grass Valley Man Who Claims ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’, Dies

Jory James of Grass Valley died last Friday in a most ironic way.

Nevada City’s Deep Connection to Russian Oligarchs

For over a century, Russia's grip on Nevada City was relatively unknown, until now.
Artist’s depiction of the BriarPatch Roundabout.

Roundabout Approved For Briar Patch Parking Lot

The Grass Valley BriarPatch COOP leadership announced today that it plans on moving forward with a controversial Roundabout in the parking lot.

Self-driving Google Car Gets Stuck in Grass Valley Roundabout

A Google self-driving car caused a traffic jam in Grass Valley over the weekend. A Google engineer decided to try out the new driver-less car in this area to, as he explains, to put it through the paces of my own hometown, where I learned to drive.